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Shield of the Alaska Constitution Party

Welcome to your new political home, the official website of Alaska Constitution Party! We are the fastest growing party in Alaska. We are your choice for a party vigorously dedicated to upholding the principles of constitutional law.



ACP Candidates 2016 Contract With Alaskans:

*Restore & Protect the PFD.

*No Statewide Income Tax.

*No Statewide Sales Tax.

*Promote the sustainable ISER/Goldsmith Budget target.

*Restore Privacy Rights.

*Protect Innocent Life from Conception to Natural Death.

*Comprehensive Election Reform.



The ACP Executive Committee has voted to unanimously endorse our four legislative candidates.

Pamela Goode AK HD9

Karen Perry AK HD12

J.R.Myers AK HD 30

Kenneth Shaw AK HD 36

Congratulations and best wishes to all four of our ACP candidates!  Choose Freedom! Choose the Alaska Constitution Party!

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The CP 7 Principles

The guiding principles on which the Constitution Party is founded: Life, Liberty, Family, Property, Constitution & Bill of Rights, State's Rights and American Sovereignty.

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If you are a registered voter, you can easily change your political party affiliation. It can even be done over the phone by contacting your local Election Office, and telling them you want to change your voter registration to the Alaska Constitution Party. Click on the "Join Us" link above to visit our informational page for more information about the process and contact information for your regional election office. Or you can head over to the Alaska Department of Elections page entitled "How to Register or Update Your Voter Registration" where you can find links to downloadable forms, an on-line 'wizard' to 'interactively' help you complete your change party affiliation, as well as other voter information.

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